The Romantic Rhine - e-cycling in a World Cultural Heritage

Between the “Rolandsbogen” in Remagen and the “Mäuseturm” near Bingen, the Romantic Rhine takes his course for about 100 river kilometres. The Rhine Cycling Route that can be found continuously on the left side of the river offers spectacular views to the river, picturesque towns and the numerous castles that invite you to a stopover.

The region is very proud of its two World Cultural Heritage Sites: the “Limes” and the “Upper Middle Rhine Valley”.

Every summer there are a lot of fireworks in several towns called “Rhine in Flames” – with eBike-Touring you can participate in these events live.

Discover with us the attractions of the valley and the Rhine heights on one of our guided tours and enjoy the numerous scenic views.

Our E-bike tours along the Romantic Rhine

If you wish to rent an ebike, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Impressions of the Romantic Rhine

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