Moselle-Saar - amidst vineyards and castles

The Moselle valley is known as one of the most beautiful river valleys of Germany. Moselle and its tributary the Saar form a more than 2000 year old cultural landscape shaped significantly by the Romans. They also left their marks in architecture and cuisine. The Middle Ages come alive in many churches, abbeys and the numerous castles.

The Moselle can be divided into Upper Moselle, Middle Moselle and Lower Moselle. The Upper Moselle is characterized by low hillsides, the Middle Moselle follows its meandering course through the valley that cuts deeply into the hillsides. In the valley of the Lower Moselle, steeply terraced vineyards dominate. Romantic wine towns, several Moselle sinuosities and the Saar sinuosity await the cyclist along the two rivers.

The Moselle cycling route leads you through the vineyards, separated from the roads. With our E-bikes, we do not only stay in the valley – the climb to the Moselle heights becomes a cakewalk. Eifel and Hunsrück can be included into a sportive tour, during a soft tour we stay in the valley and visit attractions like one of the numerous castles that string like pearls along the river.

Our E-bike tours along the Moselle

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Impressions of the Moselle

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