The Eifel - multifaceted and recreative

The Eifel offers everything that makes your cycling heart beat faster – a pleasant mix of inclines and lively declines, but also relaxing route sections on disused former railways. Here you can get a close experience of nature. Large deciduous and coniferous forests, but also farmland, grassland and meadows can be experienced.

On an E-bike tour, you can discover the distinctive scenic attractions of the Eifel like the maars, the Eifel national park or the volcanoes of the Eastern Eifel.

In the Eifel, there is an area-wide bicycle route network and many connection paths that even guide you into the valley of the Moselle.

Our E-bike tours in the Eifel

If you wish to rent an ebike, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Impressions of the Eifel

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